Readiness Collective
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Who We Are


The Readiness Collective is powered by Tactivate, a social impact effort that has been working at the intersection of the military Special Operations veteran, disaster response and entrepreneurial communities for over a decade.

Tactivate continues to develop creative projects to bring veterans, first responders and the community at large together in unconventional ways to promote skill sharing. From climbing gyms, outdoor survival training bars to fitness driven co-working spaces these ventures have thrown off revenue that Tactivate deploys to send volunteer teams into disaster zones worldwide to solve critical challenges.

The Readiness Collective represents the teams desire to share the lessons learned and to offer society, hopefully at scale with a more accessible venue from which to embark on the journey to #MakeReady.

As with all previous projects The Readiness Collective is an iterative experiment, a bootstrapped initiative not a polished venture backed business. The success of the effort will depend on whether or not the community takes interest and digs alongside to make it work.

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